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Design and installation of automation systems


· Control systems in power systems with energy consumption optimization, full monitoring of power engineering equipment operation,
· Automation of heat exchanger rooms and boiler rooms, 
· Automation of industrial process lines,
· Automation of wastewater treatment plants and pumping station control systems.


Computer monitoring and visualisation of measurement data using SCADA in utilities consumption billing systems (heat energy, electricity, water, technical gases, compressed air) and for application in communal management monitoring of the following networks: heat distribution, water distribution and sewerage (including monitoring of valves in FLOVAC vacuum sewerage systems)


Technological solutions which we implement are based on Information, communications and devices
technology up to date and we shall highlight the following among them:

  • using various information transfer means (wire transfer such as optical fibres, Industrial Ethernet and wireless: GPRS, radio, Internet, Intranet);
  • typing of communication protocols using skeleton approach (for instance: ModBus, Profibus, Lon);
  • using remote programmable data concentrators; ensuring required system redundancy,
  • organizing SCADA centres enabling data integration with other data systems (for instance financial, fixed assets register, geodetic registers etc.),
  • using professional SCADA software (for instance iFix supplied by General Electric)