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MREC 111

MREC 111 is a 220V or battery-powered scaler-recorder that enables measurement of up to 4 streams of the energy of the water vapour. Each stream consists of the measuring channel of the flow (reducing pipe with pressure differential transmitter or Vortex or MassFlow transmitter, etc.) and the temperature or absolute pressure measuring channel. On this base the complete vapour stream energy is accounted (i.e. the revised flow rate, a momentary power of the vapour, vapour energy). There also can be configuarated measuring channels, eg. for temperature, pressure, flow and others. Measuring ranges and description of the channels is according to the order. Calculation algorithm meets the standards PN-EN ISO 5167-1, PN-93/M-53950/01.

Customer gets the device completely adapted to his individual needs.

Apart from that, all the functions are available on control panel. MREC 111 is also available with the RS232, RS485 output as a single or a double one.

MREC 111 after a proper configuration can also measure and account the heat energy of the water according to OIML - R75 recommendation as well as making some enthalpy calculations.

Additionally, the monitoring software and visualization of the measuring data are also offered.

MREC 111

Configuration examples:

1. Scaler - one stream of the heat energy of the vapour
2. Scaler - one stream of the heat energy of the vapour, and one of the condensate
3. Scaler - two streams of the heat energy of the vapour
4. Scaler - three streams of the heat energy of the vapour
5. Scaler - four streams of the heat energy of the vapour
6. HART communication mode - option
7. Additional measuring channels (PT100, PT500, 4...20mA, 0...20mA) - option

Program flexibility enables the user to order the right customer's configuration including an object specification. Among several operations there are a few to be distinguished:

· calculation of each vapour stream, sum/difference of integral energies
· balance: boiler vs. condensate
· balance of the boiler-room with energetics of a particular boiler

Every operation above mentioned can be carried out by one scaler which gives and registers all the temporary features of the energy and water consumption for each kind of an energy stream. An interesting thing is here the balance: boiler vs. condensate, where the vapour energy is accounted as well as condensate energy and difference of supplied vapour and returned condensate. Energy of returned condensate is accounted from the flow rate and the temperature of water. MREC 111 is equipped with a wide kit of the system functions (astronomical time, operation time, standstill time, channel alarms, register of measurements) and diagnostic ones.

MREC 111 scaler can be used to measure the flow of technology gases (Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Argon, and others)