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IInductive transducer IPP-2 (True RMS) is used for measurement of effective current value in variable deformed wave and sinusoidal wave by means of current transformer integrated with a digital transducer of an output signal range: 4 ... 20 mA..

· measurement range 5 … 75 A
· measurement accuracy 1 %
· output signal 4 … 20 mA
· manufactured in accordance with the following standards:
- PN-E 50470-1:2008
- PN-E 50470-2:2008

It is used for monitoring of work of single-phase and three-phase devices, electric machines and for diagnostics of pump drives operation and power supply systems.

The transducer shall be installed on a 35 mm rail to DIN, in a comfortable location (electrical switchboard, control cabinet, junction box etc.), then the electric wire current value of which is to be measured is driven through the opening in the transducer. A rubber protector is put on the signal wire and prepared, stripped ends of the wires shall be put inside terminals and blocked by tightening the screws. Right polarization of the transducer supply (+/-) must be kept as per the markings on its label. After installation of the signal wire the rubber protector shall be put on the connection.