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TS 300

Type Approval Mark: A 0445/BEV-13.414/0002-NB/2018

Sensors are designed for temperature measurement of liquid and gaseous media, especially in central heating systems.

Sensor is made on the basis of Pt 100, Pt 500 or Pt 1000 resistor and connecting cable of PUR material which allows to measure temperature up to 105°C.

Sensors are delivered in pairs that meet requirements of metrological regulations on heat meters for water.
Selection accuracy for pairs is limited to 66% of permissible errors acc. to the National Weights and Measures Office “GUM” instructions as well as the MID 2014/32/EU Annex VI MI-004 (Heat Meters) of the European Parliament.

For easy mounting, sensors are marked with red label (supply) and blue label (return), the same is with the wire ends what enables its quick assembly to the Heat meter calculator.
Spiral connecting cable of 2x0.25 mm2 wires size gives a comfortable connection of sensor to the Heat meter being far from each other up to 1.3 m. Ambient temperature of a spiral cable operation should not exceed 90°C.

Sensors TS 300 are mounted without outer housing, however sensor design helps mount it directly on the valve, T-pipe or water meter. Mounting screw has a special hole to seal the sensor.



The paired sensors have the same manufacturing No.,but a different marking that depends on a mounting place.
...XXXX/1 - marking for sensor on "supply" (red colour)
...XXXX/2 - marking for sensor on "return" (blue colour)



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TS 300

Technical data:

Measuring range 0°C ≤ Θ ≤ 105°C
Temperature difference range 3K ≤ ΔΘ ≤ 105K
Sensing element Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 acc. to DIN EN 60751:1996
Permissible working pressure 1,6 MPa
Max. measuring current 5 mA
Housing material Inconel
Time constant τ0,5 ≤ 3s
Connecting cable PUR cable 2x 0,25 mm2