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Legalization services

We have our own a legalization stand approved by the Polish Central Office of Measures (GUM) and carry out metrological inspection and legalization of heat meters parts including:

  • Heat meter calculators of types available on domestic market,
  • Temperature sensors both cable and head type in their complete measurement range.

Moreover, the company offers legalization of flow meters in the diameter range from 15 to 200 mm; larger diameters available upon individual agreement.

Our temperature sensors for heat meters are produced under European Directive MID (Measuring Instruments Directive).

In addition to the above-mentioned we also offer the following services: repair, regeneration, battery replacement and exchange of old devices for new ones.

In any questions please contact us at:
tel. + 48 12 252 85 66, +48 12 655 57 80
MREC: tel. +48 12 252 85 51