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M 101K

M 101K device is a 220V or battery-powered scaler-recorder and controller that enables measurement and recording of 32 analog and 8 pulse channels.

For example, it can be:

· current signal 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA,
· unipolar and bipolar voltage signal of amplitude up to 10 V,
· milivolt voltage signal 0-20 mV,
· binary signal,
· pulse signal f< 1/4 Hz (operating contact, open collector),
· frequency signal f< 10 kHz,
· Resistance thermometer Pt100
· Termocouple NiCrNiAl

It is possible to configurate different types of the channels for temperature, pressure, flow, switched on & off signal and others. Measuring ranges and description of the channels are according to the customer's requirements. Controller is equipped with the M101 SA or M101 SB units as analog or binary ones, and it can operate as a controller under PID operation which is weather and time dependent.

Customer gets the device completely adapted to his individual needs.

Recently the most popular industrial solution for transmitters is the current signal 4..20mA , so each physical parameter can be inserted into controller. Controller shows momentary value of such a signal and can account consumption of a particular medium. Apart from all the functions available on the controller, there is also RS232, RS485 output built in as a single or a double one. We also offer monitoring software and data visualization.

M 101K

Example of available module configurations:

M101 K controller with the Z-101 power adaptor
1. 1 module controller – 8 measuring channels
2. 2 module controller – 16 measuring channels
3. 3 module controller – 24 measuring channels
4. 4 module controller – 32 measuring channels
5. Additional measuring channels for modules – option

Diversity of programs allows the user to have a suitable configuration including an object specification. Among others these are:
·controller operating to sewage works (state of pumps & sedimentators, etc.)
· controller of manufacturing process of mineral water (flow & level control)
· controller for wood chambers (temperature & drying process control)
· controller for mining applications (control of a coal-pit temperature)
· controller of a boiler house automation
· controller for measurement of industry gases
· measuring controller – M101E scaler*
· measuring controller – with water & vapour energy scaler**

*Controller M101E can measure electric energy from 16 pulse transmitters (each channel shows a momentary electric power value, and after summing it up the consumed energy is given).

**Controller M101K can be configurated like this and equipped with a program to measure and count water & steam heat energy. Each controller shows and records all momentary values and particular medium consumption level. It is equipped with a wide range of system (GS time, operating hours, time-out, channel alarms, measurements journal) and diagnostics features. It can be designed to be built into a switchboard equipment, with an outside console (display, keypad) put on the front of the cubicle.