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Telemetry modules


Valve monitoring modules.

Valve monitoring modules in pressure sewer systems transmitting information about current valve status and results of its work diagnostics.
The diagnostics consists of controlling the open valve time, closed valve time and number of cycles per time unit.
The main conduit connecting all the sewer vaults with FLOVAC valves supplies the power for modules.



Radio monitoring modules.

RMZ is a node of wireless network of sensors, battery supplied, working in unlicensed 868 MHz band, which may be used for remote monitoring of device parameters or environment parameters with no need for wiring.
It offers measurement of analogue value ranging from 0 to 2.5 V (possibility of measurement of signals 4 to 20 mA) with an option of power supply to external transducers. It also enables counting pulses or event registration for example, by means of three digital inputs and may measure temperature locally.
In combination with receiving module (coordinator) it offers a possibility to create a simple network with one or several nodes or a more complex, meshed network.
Due to battery power supply its basic work mode is synchronic waking mode with a possibility to adjust waking timing from seconds to hours.
RMZ may be used in radio monitoring systems for monitoring of pressure sewer system valves transmitting current status of a valve and results of its work diagnostics.



Radio telemetry modules.

RMT is a radio telemetry module, with external power supply (network or battery set) working in unlicensed 868 MHz band. The module is equipped with two analogue inputs which may work in differential arrangement, three digital inputs and RS485 interface.
This module may be used together with the second module as a simple replacement of wiring or to create a network.
RS485 interface enables connection of devices with communication protocols such as Modbus RTU for example.