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W2 (TSI-020)

Thermocouple insert of W2-... series (our domestic code TSI-020)designed for using in thermocouple temperature sensors which are suited for.
It allows replacing an insert alone without disrupting the process.
The sensing element are thermocouple wires combined together forming the junction.

There are 2 types of thermocouple inserts:
- Type I - thermocouple is placed into steel tube filled with special sand to increase its resistance against vibration. The junction can be isolated (O) from the tube or connected to (Z).
- Type II - jacket thermocouple is placed into steel tube filled with magnesium oxide to insulate thermocouple wires. Insert can be also equipped with terminal block or be offered without it.

Version with transmitter (for Pt100 or universal one) is offered on request.




When ordering please give type of thermocouple , specify if single or double thermocouple, type of junction, jacket dia./ material, length, specify if version with terminal block/transmitter or without it.


Insert W2-I-1xJ-O-4,5-1.4571-315
(type I thermocouple, single thermocouple J, isolated junction, jacket dia./ material, insert length).