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Programming of PLC controllers

We use PLC controllers in control and monitoring cabinets for the following facilities:


Wastewater intermediate pumping stations

The algorithm designed especially for wastewater intermediate pumping stations controls vacuum pumps and force pumps. The most important signals used for controlling purposes are signals of sewage levels and negative pressure inside a tank. The algorithm includes several security options, including signals of the phase control sensor and phase loss sensor.
WAll the pumps may work both in automated and manual mode. There is also a possibility of other executive elements control, such as for instance slide dampers installed in the facility.



Heat exchanger rooms

The algorithm designed for heat exchanger rooms controls the valve steering heat supply through implemented PID controller.
The control algorithm uses process signals from sensors in the facility.
Based on the information received, the algorithm generates the right control signal to a steering valve and as a consequence the proper amount of heat is supplied to a heat exchanger.